How the journey of Jesus…

…repeats itself in ours.

The Pattern is based on ideas I had over 20 years ago when I was working with people who found themselves in particularly desperate situations, including victims of domestic violence and the suicidal, but also those who simply could not connect emotionally and spiritually to the way the Christian faith was being presented to them. Some abandoned a Christian perspective altogether and pursued other spiritual paths, but many simply gritted their teeth and suffered silently under the weight of ideals that they failed over and over again. The impulse that led me to write the book is as close to a pure motivation of compassion as I have ever experienced. 

The YouTube recordings and documents below reflect that perspective. While using the book as a supplement will give a more complete picture of what I call spiritual realism, the video recordings stand alone. They are deliberately brief, about 7 minutes long.

There are three documents which will be helpful to students. Links to these can be found at the end of this paragraph.

Handout basics
Handout stages
Worksheet stages